Myntra bets on AI and augmented reality to build user connect

By:Vandita Jadeja 2017-12-29

Online fashion retailer Myntra is using futuristic technologies like artificial intelligence and data mining in order to help designers come up with styles and patterns which can boost sales for the apparel makers. The Flipkart owned company has already tested this internally with the two in house brands, Moda Rapido and Here and Now, which are both powered by AI. Both the brands are a part of the private label portfolio of Myntra and have been receiving a huge response from customers for the “machine generated” designs.

The software will use data like styles and designs which are popular and cuts that are preferred by the customers and then will come up with designs on its own using AI. Myntra is also looking at partnering with brands in the country and other countries to license the software. With technology being at the core for the company, there is a huge amount of data available in terms of what consumers are looking for and what are they actually buying. Apart from using the machines, Myntra is also looking to use augmented reality in order to enhance the connect with consumers. It is working to add a feature on the app which can rate the user’s attire and help them don clothes that are in trend.

With the use of the camera on the phone, it will figure out what you are wearing and then provide a rating. It is for the fashion conscious individuals who want to wear the latest trends and be seen as fashionable. Another feature is the ‘talking t-shirts’ for the Roadster brand. On pointing at the t-shirt, the design almost comes to life. It will be sometime before the t-shirts hit the market but there are various ways brands can leverage this.

All the innovations will help Myntra in differentiating itself from competitors. Flipkart, which is locked in an intense battle with Amazon for leadership in the market, had acquired Myntra in 2014 to strengthen its play and Myntra acquired Jabong last year to consolidate the position in the Indian market.