The success story of Keventers

By:Preetam Banerjee 2018-06-22

Keventers began its journey in 1899 and since then it has come a long way. Edward Keventers started the company by setting up the Aligarh Dairy Farm during the 1900s in India. The brand, Keventers started in 1925. The company passed over to Krishna Dalmia by 1940 with about 48 outlets in Delhi. It started to grow organically. Keventers provided milk powder to the Indian Army during the 1960s. In the 1970s, the company faced a complete closure after the forced shut down of its main factory. Soon it started to lose its appeal and Agastya Dalmia, the great-grandson of Krishna Dalmia, began to resuscitate the brand by introducing classic recipes. The brand wanted to target the older generation that became a failure and Agastya Dalmia had to close the Pitampura outlet and soon realised that the company was losing out and it needed somebody who could change its destiny.

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Sohrab Sitaram, the son of a Fauji, had amazing knowledge of the food and beverages industry of India. He was approached by Agastya Dalmia to join as a consultant as he had experience in creating brands and restaurants such as Tabula Rasa, laid Back Waters, Chatter House, and Chi Asian Cookhouse. He rejected the offer saying he had not even heard of the brand. He was again approached in 2015 with a proper business plan and an offer of heading the brand as a CEO. Sitaram accepted the offer and this partnership became a turning point for Keventers.

Sohrab started building the company image and attracting millions of customers by replacing straws and plastic glasses with paper straws and glass bottles. Refreshing flavours were introduced and a huge re-branding of the company took place that attracted the younger generation. It opened the first outlet in Select Citywalk in Saket with the new strategy and the company soon began to flourish. Today, Keventers has over 287 outlets globally.

The business model of the company includes a franchise model to expand it across the globe and a creation of a niche market vis-à-vis milkshakes. Differentiations in branding, packaging, and bottling along with attractive pricing led to the huge success of the company.

The main competition came from brands like Amul, Coca-Cola and Verka. Keventers positioning is however slightly more premium with a wide target audience consisting of all generations and targeting all parts of the country. The price range lies between Rs 99 - Rs 200.

The core focus of Keventers i.e. the milkshakes remained intact while the bottles evolved over time that could be used by people for fun to-do things or as collection items. Keventers has a very high nostalgic value. Product design became the most important aspect of the company in its marketing strategy. It focussed on values like old-school feeling, nostalgia and heritage to build a high recall value of the brand in the market.

Keventers, which was on the verge of complete closure, is now a 100 crore brand. The brand has become incredibly successful after the re-branding overhaul!