Highest Paid CEOs Of India

By:B2B Desk 2019-02-14

India is a developing country. Since Independence in 1947, it is astonishing to learn that she is on her way to touch new heights in the field of development. India is full of talented people that help her to stand ahead. India has been regarded as being the home for the richest billionaires of Asia. 

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Companies are Standing for CEOs

You will be glad to learn that a bunch of well-paid executives and millionaires are residing here. Companies are standing just because of efficient CEOs. A company without a CEO is really beyond imagination.  It is known to almost all that a CEO is a highly paid personnel. Still, there is a curiosity among people to get to know about some richest CEOs in India.

Top 10 Highest Paid CEOs of India

Below is a list of the top 10 highest paid CEOs in India. After going through the list, you will get confirmed that India is full of talents. Here they are:

Kalanithi Maran – Life is hell without television. Watching television is a great recreation. This desire among people has made the television network in Asia one of the most profitable networks. Along with keeping people entertained, it has successfully filled pockets of CEOs. The concentration of television is spread all along pan India. At the same time, FM channels along with DTH services are also enjoyed. The founder of Sun Group earns a handsome salary of about Rs.59.89 crores on an annual basis.

C.P. Gurnani – Technology is at its fast pace of development. Today’s world is almost dependant on the latest advanced forms of technology. Honorable C.P. Gurnani, the CEP of Tech Mahindra has immense contributions in the technical field. Tech Mahindra is a well-known firm that is a genuine provider of networking technology and information technology. His annual salary is almost Rs. 150 crores inclusive of bonuses and perks. The amount paid is trumping the pay package of boards including TCS along with Wipro and Infosys.  

N. Chandrasekaran – Natarajan Chandrasekaran is a well-known CEO in India. He has been regarded as the youngest CEOs of the renowned Tata Group. He spent his entire career in contributing Tata Consulting Services. Today, the company is generating high valued revenues of billions. Also, it is generating jobs for many people on a daily basis. In terms of compensation, his take-home remuneration is Rs. 25.9 crores annually.

M. Naik – Naik has been known to be among the highest paid CEOs in India. As per Sensex, his take-home remuneration is nearby 66.14 crores on a yearly basis. The CEO of L&T has contributed a lot in taking India ahead. He joined as a junior engineer and proved himself as a successful man. At present, he is holding the chairmanship of IIM Ahmadabad.

Desh Bandhu Gupta – The founder and CEO of Lupin Ltd., Honorable Gupta has proved to introduce a multinational pharmaceutical company in India. His annual salary is above Rs.44.8 crores that makes him get listed as highest paid CEOs of India. Also, he has been listed by Forbes for enjoying a luring income.

Rahul Bajaj – Bajaj Group is known to all. People belonging to each and every corner of India are well aware of this company. Along with serving in the field of automobiles, it has served in numerous other fields like electronic goods and many more. Currently, his present salary is near about Rs.22.32 crores annually. Also, Rahul Bajaj is among the richest billionaires in the world.

Mukesh Ambani – Reliance Group of Industry has won the hearts of Indians. Its CEO Mr. Mukesh Ambani has bagged a great position for earning a salary package of Rs.15 crores annually. Also, he is the managing director and well-known shareholder of the company. At present, he is the richest person to appear in the list of Forbes for 10 years. 

Sanjiv Mehta – Sanjiv Mehta is serving as the CEO and Managing Director of Hindustan Unilever Ltd. since 2013. His annual remuneration is inclusive of exclusive perks and other benefits. He receives Rs.13.87 crores annually. Along with India, he is managing the business in offshore countries like Bangladesh, Middle East, Arab, Philippines, and North America.

Gopal Vittal – Gopal Vittal is serving as a responsible position of a CEO in Bharti Airtel since 2013. Airtel has gained wide recognition in the telecom industry. Also, the company has launched dish TVs and many more exciting options. He has been recognized to manage special projects and international business strategies. His annual remuneration is Rs.18.91 crores. Airtel connections are popular in villages too.

Kumar Mangalam Birla – The CEO of well known Aditya Birla Group and the Chancellor of the Birla Institute of Technology and Science, his annual salary package is inclusive of Rs.22.5 crores. He bagged the chairmanship of the company in 1995 and is constantly enjoying alluring success. Adiopiu, Aditya Birla Group is dealing with high-quality construction materials.

These are some highly efficient CEOs of India that have made India proud. Along with enjoying high package salary and perks, they are contributing something exclusive to the country on a regular basis. They hold the ability to enjoy the exclusive benefits of other resources they have in their hands.

Human beings are responsible for making a good company. Top and efficient CEOs are here to generate employment opportunities in India. Their contributions are immense towards their motherland. Their efforts must be appreciated. We wish them high success ahead!